We have a wide variety of donuts and pastries, many of which are served every day, and some of which are seasonal specials. But whichever donut is your favorite, you can be sure it will be hand-made, fresh, and totally delicious.

  • Donuts
    Sugar Jelly/ Frosted Jelly/ Honeydip/ Cheese / Frosted Angel Cream/ Headlights/ Taillights / Chocolate Frosted Rings with/without sprinkles / White Frosted Rings with/without sprinkles / Powdered/ Sugar Lemon/ Chocolate Frosted Bavarian / Powdered Bavarian/ Chocolate Frosted Choc. Angel Cream/ Maple Frosted Angel Cream/Mapel Bacon/ Strawberry Shortcake / Maple Frosted Rings with/without walnuts / Black Forest/ Raised Twists/ Strawberry/ Powdered Angel Cream/ Powdered Chocolate Angel Cream/ Peanut Cream/ Peanut Jelly/ Coconut/ Coconut Cream/ Glazed Cinnamon/ Plain & Glazed Fry Cake/ Powdered & Cinnamon Fry Cake/ Chocolate Frosted with/without sprinkles/ Peanut Round/Stick/ Jelly sticks/ Plain & Glazed Cruller/ Glazed Chocolate/ Chocolate Peanut/ Chocolate Coconut / Chocolate Frosted Chocolate/ Plain, Glazed, or Powdered Sour Creme
    Special Order and Seasonal Donuts
    Chocolate or White Frosted Lemon/ Lemon Shortcake/ Coconut Custard/ Chocolate Frosted Strawberry/ Pineapple/ Pineapple Shortcake/ Maple Frosted Angel/ Toasted Coconut Custard/ Coconut Sticks/ Peanut Jelly Sticks/ Bavarian Sticks/ White Frosted with/without sprinkles/ Cherry Fry Cake Glazed/ Chocolate or White Frosted Cherry Fry Cake/ Red Velvet/ Apple/ Apple Crisp/ Pumpkin

    **FASTNACHTS**-during Lent **PACZKIS**-on Fat Tuesday

    We wholesale donuts, pastries, muffins, bagels & donut holes. We also make mini pastries, mini muffins & mini eclairs. Call for pricing
    Pastries and More
    We make a variety of baked goods daily.
    Bagels- Plain, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Everything/ Pastry Hearts/ Danish- Cheese, Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Cherry-Cheese/ Bear Claws (almond)/ Apple Turnovers (Cherry or Blueberry by special order)/ Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (contains walnuts and raisins)/ Muffins- Blueberry, Cranberry Nut, Banana Nut, Carrot, Bran with raisins/ Chocolate Croissants/ Raspberry & Cheese Strudels/ Donut Holes- Honeydip, Glazed Cake, Powdered, Cinnamon, Peanut, Coconut, Chocolate, Plain, Powdered Bavarian, Powdered Jelly
    Texas Donuts
    TEXAS DONUT: Serves 6-8people

    You pick the filling and the topping or go for an original glazed one! Call ahead for your personalized Texas Donut today!

    Angel Cream/ Chocolate Angel Cream/ Bavarian/ Apple Raspberry Jelly/ Strawberry / Lemon/ Apple

    Chocolate Frosting/ White Frosting/ Peanut/ Coconut/ Powder Sugar/ Cinnamon Sugar/ Granulated Sugar/ Glaze

    Final Touch:
    Rainbow Sprinkles/ Seasonal Sprinkles/ Chocolate Sprinkles/ Dollops of Angel Cream/ Dollops of Chocolate Angel Cream

    If we have ample notice, a small message can be written on your Texas Donut such as:

    "Happy Birthday "/ "Happy Holidays"
    "Thank You"/ "Congratulations"
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