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Texas Donuts

Everything is bigger in Texas and that is why we call these our Texas Donuts. They are Texas Sized! At Paula’s we offer Texas donuts in many different flavors and we also offer them for special events and holidays! Call us today or come in to get your Texas Donut!

TEXAS DONUT: Serves 6-8people

You pick the filling and the topping or go for an original glazed one! Call ahead for your personalized Texas Donut today!

Angel Cream/ Chocolate Angel Cream/ Bavarian/ Apple Raspberry Jelly/ Strawberry / Lemon/ Apple

Chocolate Frosting/ White Frosting/ Peanut/ Coconut/ Powder Sugar/ Cinnamon Sugar/ Granulated Sugar/ Glaze

Final Touch:
Rainbow Sprinkles/ Seasonal Sprinkles/ Chocolate Sprinkles/ Dollops of Angel Cream/ Dollops of Chocolate Angel Cream

If we have ample notice, a small message can be written on your Texas Donut such as:

“Happy Birthday “/ “Happy Holidays”
“Thank You”/ “Congratulations”